Nevada Reserve Studies

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Douglas D. Taylor, RS, PRA
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What is a Reserve Study? Reserve Study n. a budget planning tool that identifies the current status of the reserve fund and a stable and equitable funding plan to offset the anticipated future major common-area expenditures.
(Source: Community Association Institute)

reserve studies Nevada

Nevada Reserve Studies, Inc. specializes in Reserve Studies for:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Town Homes / PUD
  • Condominiums - Low Rise
  • Commercial Complexes

We Serve All of Southern and Northern Nevada.

The reserve study consists of two parts:

  1. The Physical Analysis
  2. The Financial Analysis

There are two Funding Methods:

  1. Component/Straight Line Method
  2. Cashflow Method

There are four Funding Plans:

  1. Full Funding
  2. Threshold Funding
  3. Baseline Funding
  4. Statutory Funding

Reserve Study Formats:

  1. Full Reserve Study
  2. On Site Update & Review Study
  3. Off Site Update & Review Study
  4. Pre-Construction Reserve Study